CREATE and SUSTAIN a world class, inclusive and collaborative learning community where:

  • everyone is welcomed and supported and diversity is celebrated;
  • we work together in teams, build relationships and set shared goals;
  • communication is effective and we actively seek feedback on performance; and
  • we are all happy and safe.

DELIVER the highest quality education by:

  • being inspirational and fostering a love of learning;
  • continually improving and developing best practice teaching methods;
  • providing a vibrant and challenging curriculum while embracing new technology; and
  • expecting the best and showing all how to achieve their best.

MAXIMISE teacher and student potential through:

  • a belief that everyone can learn;
  • planning, measuring and celebrating growth in learning;
  • assessing and meeting individual needs while providing leadership opportunities; and
  • supporting students to strive beyond their comfort zone.

DEVELOP active, inspired and courageous citizens who:

  • are self- aware, resilient, independent and creative thinkers;
  • understand the global context of their learning;
  • are involved in the wider community and have a sense of belonging;
  • can manage and resolve conflicts and stand up for their beliefs;
  • are positive role models contributing to family & community life; and
  • live healthy and sustainable lifestyles.