At MPPS our focus is on continual improvement, reflection and professional growth. There is a culture of teachers as learners of their teaching. Just as with students, teachers set personal goals for growth with a focus on improving student learning outcomes. Giving and receiving feedback is essential as it promotes reflection, shared learning, authentic conversations, builds trust and contributes to a positive learning culture across the school.

At MPPS all teachers are leaders within their classroom, their PLT and across the school. Staff act as positive role models in their interactions with students, colleagues, families and the wider community. Teachers are expected to be proactive and problem solvers; contributing in a positive way to our collaborative learning community. There is a focus on collective efficacy and a shared responsibility for all students.

Protocols and clear expectations support the work of the school. The strategic plan and annual implementation plan is developed with staff. There is a strong sense of collaboration which is reflected in consultation processes within the school. Staff are encouraged to be involved in decision making through providing feedback to or being involved in leadership roles, consultative committee, school council and actively contributing to the development of policies, procedures and strategic planning.

Staff new into the professional learning culture of our school are supported through an induction process. This includes a colleague as a “buddy” to support transition, as well as a VIT mentor for teachers in their first year of teaching applying for full registration.

In addition to teaching and learning, all staff have additional roles and responsibilities which are designated based on the needs of the school with consideration of each teacher’s experience and interest.

Staff professional growth is supported through the Professional Development Planning (PDP) process. Professional learning (PL) is also supported through PLTs, collegiate visits, coaching, the staff meeting structure (school based professional learning) as well as external professional learning such as the GANAG (external PL, school based PL, professional reading, feedback from Prof Jane Pollock via skype and email).

To develop the leadership capacity of staff, professional learning opportunities are provided through the School Network, GANAG consortium and Bastow.

Resources to support Professional Leadership:

Visual – Leadership Structure of the school
Staff Manual
Roles and Responsibilities
Performance and Development Process
Professional Standards
Induction Program
AITSL standards
Victorian Institute of teaching – standards
Professional Learning Policy (Leadership)
Collegiate Visits Document
Coaching Expectations
Meeting Protocols
PLT – meeting overview (sample)
Consultative Committee information