Hi all, welcome back to Wednesday’s learning.

See you all in our Webex open room between 9:00 and 11:00 am!

Don’t forget to check out activities for Art, PE and Italian on the Specialist page: http://www.mpp.vic.edu.au/remote-and-flexible-learning-2021/specialist-remote-flexible-learning/

Wednesday 17th February 2021
Reading  (30 mins)  

Reading is Thinking!
Remember when we are reading, we are always thinking!
First, draw a picture of yourself in your scrapbook with a big thought bubble above it.  
Next, read a book on your own or with a family member.  
When you think of something as you read, you can write or draw it in your think bubble.
You might think about: 
tricky words
questions you have

Writing (30 minutes)  

First, draw a picture of the cubby or fort you built yesterday.
Next, write about your fort or cubby
Write about the adventure you had in your cubby/fort. Where did you go? What happened there?Who were the characters involved?
Maths (30 minutes)  

Skip count!
First, find some small items you can use to practise skip counting. You could use whatever you used yesterday in Grab a Handful. (A handful of Lego, pasta, dried beans, cereal or something else that you easily find in your house.)
Next, count by tens, fives or twos. You choose!
Then, draw and write the skip counting pattern in your scrap book.
Challenge: If you know another skip counting pattern, try counting using the materials you have chosen. Record in your scrap book. Try a couple of different skip counting patterns.
Play based  (30 minutes)  

Flying Fun!
First, make a paper plane.
Next, decorate it.
Then, practise flying it outside. Bring it to school on Thursday and we will fly them together!   If you are not sure how to make one you can watch the link below or follow the instructions in the picture