Wednesday 17th February 2021

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Goal: I can visualise as I read.  

Read a short story from your collection of books at home. If you don’t have a short story spend twenty minutes reading your chapter book. This activity is best done using a book with no pictures.  

First, while reading think about parts of the book where the author gives great description. They could be describing the setting, how a character looks, what a character is doing or even how a character is feeling. Use sticky notes to mark these parts of the book. If you don’t have sticky notes, you might write the page numbers down in your exercise book.  

Next, choose one of the descriptions you marked to draw a visualisation. Try to use as much detail as possible. You could draw this in your exercise book or on a piece of paper.  

Finally, think about why using visualisation is import when reading.  

Challenge: Can you visualise and draw a character from your book and make a list of their inside and outside character traits? 

For example –  

Outside (physical traits) – brown hair, glasses, tall.  

Inside (personality traits – what we learn from actions and thoughts)  – kind, thoughtful, funny 


Goal: I can write a strong beginning to a fictional narrative (story).  

First,read the two introductions below and think about which one is better and why.  

Text one:  

I got up early and got dressed, dad and I cooked pancakes for breakfast. They were great. Then we walked to the train station. We were going to a football match. We went to the football match every week. On the train. 


Text two:  

“Goal!!” the crow cheered loudly. Dad and I always went to the football, but our team didn’t usually win. Today, they were and so I was cheering louder than anyone.  

Next, write down your choice of the strongest beginning. 

Example: I think that text number (one or two) was the strongest because…. (use 5 senses to tell me why)

Finally, using your writing seed from yesterday, write the beginning sentence for your own story.  


Goal: I can identify and describe different shapes using their features. 

The world we live in is made up by all kinds of shapes. Doors are rectangular, wheels are circular and some windows are square!

What shapes can you see in the room that you are working in today? 

For today’s activity we are going to find different shapes in the object around us and try to describe them by their features. 

First, make a list of all the shapes that you can see by adding them to a table drawn up in your maths book.  

Next, try to name the shape that you can see and add the name to the table (if you aren’t sure of the name that is okay)

Finally, Name 5 features of the shape and add them to the features column in the table. 

What shapes were the most common? What rare shapes did you find? Where all of the shapes that you found 2D?


Goal: I can practice mindfulness while eating.

First, if possible spend some time helping prepare your lunch. 

Next, find a quiet place, free of distractions, take a few relaxing breaths and then slowly eat your lunch. As you do tune into the smell, texture and taste of the food. 

Finally, after eating find someone you can describe the smell, texture and taste of the food you just ate and drank.