econnectMoonee Ponds Primary School has a focus on 21st century tools to support and enhance learning. As a result we have considerable digital technology resources. There are notebooks/ laptops in every classroom and also a suite of ipads for classroom use.  All of our classrooms are fitted with TV’s and/ or projectors. The econnect program introduced in 2013 is a 1:1 netbook program for students in the senior years. Most Year 3/4/5/6 children have their own mobile device that goes home each afternoon. This gives students access to digital learning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Further information regarding the program for next year, the MPPS Purchasing Portal link and the eConnect booklet can be found in the ‘Parent Download’ section of the website.

EduSTAR information can be found at: DET Software Suite.

For further information on the program, please contact the school.