Extra Curricular Activities

At Moonee Ponds Primary School, in addition to our classroom learning programs, we offer a range extra-curricular activities and programs to support the engagement and extension of all students. These include:

  • The Alannah and Madeline Foundation Better Buddies Program (Prep/ Foundation & Year 6) –

Every year Year 5/6 students become a buddy for a prep/ foundation student and weekly activities are planned and conducted during class time. The school uses the Alannah and Madeleine Foundation, Better Buddies tools and framework and have received the highest accreditation from the Alannah and Madeline Foundation in recognition of our program. Feedback from parents, Year 5/ 6 and prep/ foundation students and teachers involved is highly positive about this program.

better buddies

  • Environmental Club “The Green Team” –

Moonee Ponds Primary School is a “Resource Smart Registered School”. The school “Green Team” is a voluntary program where students from across the school work with teachers and classes to promote environmentally responsible practices. This group has received accreditation from City West Water as a “water saving school”. The group works with classes to reduce water usage, plant and maintain the herb and vegetable gardens, promote the “nude food” and no rubbish policies and work toward becoming a five star Resource Smart School. The Green Team offers leadership opportunities for students in Green Team Captain and representative roles.

Included in the new Sports and Performance Centre is a weather station. Monitoring our solar energy is another area the Green Team contribute to becoming a “Resource Smart School”. Our solar power generation is displayed online. Cick here to see the sunnyportal.

The school has worked with the local council to create safe routes to school. Check them out at: Active Paths Routes to MPPS

  • Chess and Fencing Clubs –

Through partnership with “Chess Education”, MPPS Year 1-6 students are given the opportunity to join the chess club. The club meets weekly at lunch times. The club offers chess education sessions and supervised games, where skills and strategies are developed. Chess Education provide a trained chess tutor. Students may also attend school chess tournaments representing the school.

In 2012 the school introduced a Fencing Club in partnership with the Victorian Fencing Academy. Year 4-6 students are offered the opportunity to join the Fencing Club where skills are taught by a coach from the Victorian Fencing Academy. The fencing club also operates weekly at lunch time.

  • Visual and Performing Arts events –

All students are involved in the alternating biennial Visual Arts Show and Performing Arts Concert. The aim of the events is to showcase and celebrate student talent and development. Art work from all students is hung for the Visual Arts Show which runs over two days and evenings with an opening on the first evening.  All classes prepare and present dramatic/musical items in two concerts held at the Moonee Ponds Clock Tower in the alternate year. The events build confidence and resilience and involve the whole community.

  • Tournament of Minds –

Year 3-6 students are given the opportunity to work in cross age teams in this international, collaborative, problem solving program. Teams solve challenges from a choice of disciplines; Applied Technology, Language Literature, Maths, Engineering and Social Sciences. The program aims to enhance the potential of our students by developing diverse skills, enterprise, time management, and the discipline to work collaboratively within a competitive environment. For more information visit the ToM website: http://www.tom.edu.au/

  • G.A.T.E.WAYS (Gifted and Talented Education, Extension and Enrichment) –

Students across the school are identified and offered places in selected G.A.T.E.WAYS programs throughout the year. G.A.T.E.WAYS is an independent, non-funded organisation that aims to provide opportunities for children of ‘like-minds’ to participate in programs that will challenge them intellectually and help develop their individual talents.  Involvement is voluntary.

  • University of New South Wales Competitions –

Students from Years 2 – 6 are offered the opportunity to sit the UNSW Science, English and Mathematics tests at the school and receive a certificate acknowledging their achievement. http://www.eaa.unsw.edu.au/

  • Social Skills and Life Skills Groups – 

Are created on a needs base to assist students in their social and life skill development. Life skills groups centre on supporting students with disabilities.

  • Premiers Reading Challenge –

All students are invited and encouraged to take part in this annual event.

  • 5/6 Annual Public Transport Challenge –

Students in Year 5 and 6 participate in a team competition where points are scored for visiting sites of interest in the inner Melbourne area using public transport. The challenge aims to build knowledge, confidence and experience in using public transport to access important social and cultural sites in our city. The program also builds collaboration and problem solving skills while connecting students to the broader life of Melbourne.

  • Special Events & Celebrations –

As a school we celebrate learning and mastery through state-wide, national and international events. Students are typically involved in cross age and whole school activities.  Some examples are; Book Week, Science Week and Education Week.

  • Other extra-curricular activities –

For details of other Music and Sport activities see dedicated pages on this website.